If you’ve been away from golf for any length of time, I’m sure that coming back to the game and seeing all these new clubs and golf gadgets can be daunting. From the extra large 460cc drivers to the newer hybrid clubs, where do you start? Maybe the first stop should be a golf simulator inside of a golf store so that you can try some of these new clubs. If you are like me and hadn’t used one of these new fangled drivers before, you can see an almost instant 20 yards added on to your tee shots. Beyond that, I highly recommend checking out many of the new golf gadgets on the market which can help you increase club head speed, stay on plane, keep lag in your swing, and enjoy the game of golf so much more.

Here is one for instance. It is called the Dancin Dogg Optishot. It is a golf simulator made for the home. Unlike the models that are found in golf stores which can run in excess of $10,000, the Optishot can be found for about the cost of a new driver. In other words, about $400 and you can be playing golf in the comfort of your very own home. So in the middle of winter or on a rainy day, you can grab your own golf clubs and balls while playing some of the top ranked golf courses in the world. You will find that you can track club head speed, distance, and many other features while enjoying the game of golf. Plus, you might just find that you are able to improve your game in the off season.